This is the current homepage of James Pearson, known as Xiong Chiamiov across the internets.


Software Engineering in Systems Administration

I am a Web Operations Engineer. While this encompasses a broad spectrum of duties, it boils down to ensuring ifixit.com spends as little time in failure states as possible. Or, to be more colloquial:

Ensure shit works.

While there are obviously technical problems abounding in such a technical... more


Sheet Music: Documentation for Musicians

Musicians of all sorts are constantly practicing to improve their ability to manifest the music in their heads into the instruments they play. Where there is a large split is in how that music gets into their heads in the first place.

Some people are very good at playing by... more


The Myth of the Informed Consumer

One of the primary problems of unregulated capitalism (that is, of the libertarian variety[1]) is the assumption of a perfectly-informed consumer. We do not need regulatory laws, we say, because the market will regulate itself. If a merchant sells shoddy products, he will soon find himself out of business... more

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