I self-identify as a Baptist, Libertarian, Distributist, Utilitarian, open-sourcer programmer and sysadmin.

During the day, I work as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at WePay. I’ve previously worked at a robotics startup, reddit, iFixit, and a few small local gigs. If you’re interested in that, you can find more information in my resume.

I’m a big proponent of open-source, with over 150 GitHub repositories and patches accepted into over 40 projects. I’m also the author and maintainer of 9 git/GitHub tools, 11 RubyGems, and 9 Python packages. You’ll also find me active on the Stack Exchange network, as a top 0.5% user on Stack Overflow and Server Fault, and one of the top 100 users by reputation on the Information Security site.

PHP was my first true programming language that I spent any time with, and it was my primary until the summer after my freshman year of university, when I started working for the College of Engineering on Django-powered websites. I fell in love with Python and its philosophy, and it’s been my primary language since then. I’m also pretty comfortable with Bash and Ruby.

On the DISC view of the universe, I have a natural ranking of 100 S and C, 23 D and 7 I, which puts me as a pure Coordinator. While not a natural leader in any way, I’m rebellious enough to tell the project lead (plainly) when I think they’ve made a poor choice, but passive enough to follow their final decisions.

I’m very slowly working on an introductory book on web operations.