FYM Spring 2010

Free your machine is coming again!

FYM is a great chance to get help installing linux, or just hang out and meet other linux users!

We'll have Ubuntu disks on hand to install for new users, and we can help you install another distribution if you bring your own disks! In particular, we have Debian, Centos and Gentoo experts in the crowd, if you're interested in one of those distributions.

We'll install linux for you and we can have your machine dual boot so you won't lose your current OS. FYM will be in 20-124 from 10-2 (no new installs accepted after 1:30!). So come over to get linux installed, get linux questions answered, or just hang out! So in short:

WHAT: FYM WHEN: SATURDAY, April 24, 10AM-2PM WHERE: 20-124

See you there!