Moving to vim

I really want to move from Komodo to vim. Sure, I love Komodo, but sometimes it can just be freakin’ annoying.

So, here’s a list of things I want vim to be able to do for me to switch:

  • Display line numbers
  • Split screen horizontally or vertically, and move files between the two
  • Show a tree-based overview of a directory (preferably with the ability to open files from there). Showing and hiding this quickly is important.
  • Use the indentation already present in a file
  • Use the line-endings already present in a file
  • Show me when indentation is mismatched, or allow me to turn on whitespace characters easily.
  • Code folds are created automatically based on syntax/indentation/braces/whatever.
  • I can complete words that I’ve typed previously.
  • Tab completion.
  • Tooltips or similar remind me of function parameters.
  • I’m presented with valid choices for css rules.
  • Autocompletion of braces, parens, end blocks, etc.

Updates will be made to this page as I find answers.